"Almost everyone knows a real estate agent, few know exceptional ones."

Transaction Management

We will chart a path to a successful home sale or purchase transaction by working with all professionals involved to help close the deal.

Exceptional Customer Service

Every sales transaction requires excellent communication.  We strive to exceed expectations and deliver service better than your average agent.

Real Estate Services

Together we will map out a path to market the sale of your home or find the right one when attempting a home purchase.

Home Marketing

Successful transactions depend on successful marketing efforts to find the right buyer.  We provide the best resources available today.

Our Mission

To engage and provide positive unique experiences to common core real estate services.

Every Seller and Buyer wants to meet at SOLD.

The basic anatomy of the home sales transaction
The Offer
Every transaction begins with an offer.  We provide services to determine the best entry point in providing the strongest offer possible.
The Acceptance
When seller and buyer agree on the price the sales contract is sent to their attorneys for review and term modifications for further acceptance.
The Loan
Buyers will work with lenders to obtain the best loan term possible to reach a commitment as a requirement to purchase the home.
The Inspections
Home inspections are vital in minimizing your home purchase risks.  A report will identify items that may need seller attention before closing.
The Title Search
A property title search is required when obtaining a loan to minimize the risk of additional debt (liens) or issues tied to the property.
The Closing - Congrats!

Mortgage approved; home inspections completed; Seller provided town certificates (CO or other) received; all  contract terms met - Time to close!

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